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Marketing Translation for Hotels, Conferences & Events


FOCUS is a creative agency specialising in Marketing Translation, writing persuasive and emotive English content exclusively for Hotels and Conference Organisers who want to attract international guests, drive more bookings, increase guest loyalty and positively impact their bottom line.


attract international guests


No-one can deny that the Conference & Hospitality sector is extremely competitive, and online shoppers have a very short attention span and even less loyalty. So, when your prospective guests land on your website, you need to make a great first impression. 

You need to be able to connect instantly with them, encouraging them to look further, and persuading them to book with you rather than your competition.

It isn’t simply about listing all the features and services you offer, but rather creating an emotive experience. Your website needs to blend evocative descriptions with beautiful photography to sell your unique location. And, whilst beautiful images will attract attention, it’s the emotions in the language and the story that ultimately engages and entices your guests to connect with your brand, turning their passing interest into a committed booking.


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Jerry Graham

I’m a Marketing Translator and creative writer, based in Copenhagen, specialising in writing captivating content, in English, for hotels and conference organisers.

I have over 25 years in-depth sector knowledge, having held senior marketing positions in hospitality in the UK with Hilton Hotels, Stakis Hotels  (increasing revenue by an average of 22% year on year), and Edward Jones in the USA.

By combining my extensive industry knowledge with cutting-edge marketing strategies and compelling, emotive creative writing, I ensure powerful and persuasive content that will help you get ahead in a competitive conference market.

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