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To attract a conference organiser, establishing a balance between a simple, engaging and informative message is important when creating your image. Marketing Translation gives your conference location context and creates emotions that delegates can relate to, making the decision to book your location, as opposed to all the other options, a simple one. We ensure you have powerful, accurate, content that promotes your brand and truly engages your prospective guests.

captivating conferences


In a shrinking world with affordable conference opportunities in cultural hubs around the world, conference locations need to be a driving force to continually attract suitable speakers and delegates in a competitive environment. 

Conference organisers see the big picture but they pay attention to the details as well and the text on your website will be decisive in showing how trustworthy you are. By merging enticing, sales orientated content with customer focused attentiveness, they will not only be enthused about holding a conference or event, but calmed by your forethought and detailed communication, allowing them to focus more energy on delivering the conference they planned.

We have been hands-on in organising award winning international conferences and know first hand the importance of clear and concise information that stands out in a crowded marketplace. 

Precision proofreading


When it comes to attracting conference organisers content, proofreading and editing are key parts of the process. Content, either directly from clients or from experienced writers or translators, can always be improved by a dedicated proofreader and editor, not only to ensure every word is perfectly spelled and every sentence is grammatically correct, but also to make the writing flow beautifully and resonate with your audience.


As a specialist content writing agency, proofreading and editing are second nature to us. Taking the knowledge and insight of clients and enhancing it with content writing skills makes for very informative, inspiring and effective content.

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