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For a travel agency, the fundamental principle of marketing copy is an engaging message. By capturing the essence of StorySelling, one can create powerful mental images evoking tangible desires in a prospective traveler's mind. We provide compelling content that captivates your clients and promotes your brand.

Absorbing Articles


Business blogging is a modern and cost-effective way for the industry to connect with travellers. A great article can transport you to a breathtaking Norwegian fjord or it can afford you insight into newly-opened hotels or changing trends.

It’s the perfect way to cover the latest travel trends and topics, breaking news or to highlight current events, generating immediate debate and feedback. A blog gives your brand a distinct personality as well as authority and accessibility and it goes a long way to improving your search engine rankings.

winning websites

Your hotel, whether it’s a small boutique property or a luxury resort, needs to tell a story. A website should blend evocative descriptions with sales copy and beautiful photography to sell your unique experience.

In today's fast moving world, you have to be there for your prospective guests the moment that they’re looking for you, but if the story you tell on your website doesn’t back up what attracted them, visitors can be left in doubt and look elsewhere.

Travel is an emotive experience and you should seek to evoke the emotions in prospective guests that will sway them to visit your hotel, making sure that your copy doesn't get lost in the quagmire of commonality in today's travel writing.

engaging emails


Email marketing for travel and tourism can take a variety of different forms. It can be a beautifully-written, well-informed press release or a perfectly-positioned, interactive clickbait newsletter. Alternatively, it can be rebranding and repositioning or an important part of a cohesive and compelling marketing strategy.


As a hospitality focused, content writing specialist, we are often approached by travel companies and hotels looking for help with their digital marketing. This may be a press release, online brochure, email newsletters or social media management. Whatever kind of travel marketing you need, we’re always happy to help.

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